Sensor technology 2: eLearning course

Sensor technology 2: eLearning course

Sensors for object detection 
This training program deals in detail with the sensors used to detect objects in automated systems. Based on a complex example from industrial practice, trainees are taught to select the suitable sensors. The necessary basic knowledge for this is provided in the Technical Knowledge and Components modules, to which they can refer at any time.

All training content is taught by means of audio clips. Additionally, the narrative text can be viewed.

Content extracts:

  • Project: Selection of sensors in a milk bottling plant
  • Object detection in industrial practice
  • Switching characteristics of proximity sensors
  • Hysteresis
  • Connection technology: Two-wire technology, three-wire technology, four-wire technology
  • NO/NC (Normally Open, Normally Closed)
  • Inductive sensors: Construction and mode of operation, factor-1 sensors, special designs, flush fitting sensors, application examples
  • Optical sensors: Diffuse sensor, through-beam sensor, retro-reflective sensor, background fade-out, fibre optic cable, light types, reflection types, adjustment, contrast sensor, colour sensor
  • Capacitive sensors: Construction, mode of operation, usage and examples
  • Ultrasonic sensors: Construction, mode of operation, applications

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