MPS® PA commissioning service

MPS® PA commissioning service

To ensure that your training projects run smoothly right from the start, we offer:

1. Complete technical commissioning of your new system:

The range of applications of the system and the station programs and documentation are presented. Depending on the equipment, commisioning is performed for the following products:

  • Station
  • EasyPort and FluidLab®-PA

2. Training:

You will learn how to operate stations and how to use them in your lesson. Depending on the equipment, training is provided on the following products:

  • Station
  • Soft PID in the PLC
  • EasyPort and FluidLab®-PA

The commissioning and training can thus be adapted to suit your needs. 

And if you wish ...

3. Useful tips on how to get the most from the MPS® PA:

  • Applications
  • Enhancements
  • Seminars

Are you planning a commissioning and training session? We recommend: Per Station: 1.5 days.