MPS® PA – Process Automation Applications

MPS® PA – Process Automation Applications

Unlimited possibilities thanks to open interface concept

The new interface concept opens a wide range of options for directly combining the individual MPS® PA stations.

Deciding on one combination or another depends on various factors:

  • Training content
  • Supplementing existing stations
  • Your budget
  • Completely configured MPS® PA 204 system

Filtering station
Aquarium, vacuum cleaner, atomizer, sewage plant, waterworks – filters are of critical importance in many areas and the key question is: how can I ensure a constant flow with any level of filter contamination? And how can the filter be cleaned more effectively? Perhaps using compressed air?

These questions are covered in the learning objectives for the filtration station. Towards the end of the training it becomes clear which open and closed loop control principles provide the right solution and which are the right technologies.

Mixing station
Food and confectionery, paints, construction materials, pharmaceutical products – the correct proportions of different materials are crucial to the quality of the end product. Constant metering and mixing of the components makes high demands on the controller and the equipment involved in the process.

The mixing station provides state of the art equipment, control components, controllers and operator control elements for demanding, motivating projects on one of the most common control loops in process automation – flow control.

Reactor station
To extend the shelf life of foods, improve the mixing capacity of liquids or allow them to be mixed, there are a large number of optimized heating processes in the chemical industry.

Temperature control makes extraordinary demands on the electronics and the components used as handling head is not without its problems. The reactor station demonstrates its realism in conjunction with the operation and monitoring software.

All four in one

Anyone who wants to use all 4 stations in a network should order them as a complete PA 204 MPS® system. The advantage: we commission and test the system. All you have to do is supply fresh water.

If you want to combine on site commissioning with instruction for the responsible trainers, you can take advantage of our MPS® PA commissioning service.

Bottling station
Customers get annoyed if there is less in a drinks bottle than it says on the label. For drinks producers, a consistent and guaranteed fill quantity is a crucial quality feature.

The bottling station represents a realistic industrial environment, in which all aspects of a quality optimized filling process can be learned and experienced. The projects focus on level monitoring and positioning of the containers to be filled.

Standard with EduTrainer®
All stations of the MPS® PA will be delivered fully assembled. The ­stations will come the new ­SIMATIC S7-1500 controller generation in the TIA portal. It delivers maximum ­performance and userfriendliness for ­medium and high-end applicationes in plant automation.

Touch Panel TP 700

The Touch Panel TP700 Comfort of the Siemens HMI series is a 7” touchpanel for advanced applications.

Comfort panel features include:

  • Multiple interfaces for process communication
  • Integrated PROFINET switch from 7”
  • Programming from WinCC Comfort V11 (TIA portal)

Continuous and discrete:
MPS® PA across boundaries

Each of the MPS® PA stations represents a closed process, such as can be found in an identical or similar form in many industry sectors. Their control loops provide content for designing demanding courses in measuring and control engineering. They represent the most important continuous processes.

It is only in conjunction with the mechatronic MPS® stations that you can start to see what we mean by "system":

All stations can be combined with one another. The MPS® PA stations can be linked to the mechatronic MPS® stations and the discrete processes they represent with no problems at all. The SysLink interface is the basis for this.

This means that you can move into the industrial reality of hybrid production with minimal investment.

From an individual MPS® PA station to an AFB factory, MPS® does not set any limits.


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