Measuring and controlling as in industry

Measuring and controlling as in industry

The closest thing to reality

The MPS® PA learning system is based on industrial standards. The MPS® PA concept is based on a market leaders' automation solutions and trends.

Operation and configuration


  • Simple commissioning of an MPS® PA station
  • Testing and commissioning of process components or system components of a station

FluidLab®-PA closed loop or FluidLab®-PA process

  • Commissioning and testing of an MPS® PA station
  • Analysis of process components and control processes of an MPS® PA station
  • Monitoring and analysis of the process sequences of a station
  • Testing, configuration and optimization of control processes (2-point, P, PI or PID controllers)
  • Analysis of the control response


  • Programming of process sequences and recipe controllers
  • Analog signal processing
  • Operation and monitoring using the touch panel
  • Programming of PID controllers
  • Configuration and parameterization of P, PI or PID controllers

PLC with external industrial controller

Same as PLC, plus:

  • Operation of an industrial controller (manual operation, automatic operation)
  • Parameterization of industrial controllers (P, PI or PID control algorithm)
  • Configuration of measuring ranges, setpoint value limits and alarm limits
  • Self-optimization with oscillation or step response method