Emergency stop board

Emergency stop board

The flexible safety concept for the MPS® provides an easy method of switching off components – whether the entire system or parts thereof. The central emergency stop board is part of the safety concept in the Modular Production System and allows you to integrate up to ten MPS® stations into a safety circuit. When combined with emergency stop pushbuttons and/or position switches, it provides a high level of safety. The central emergency stop board can be mounted in the trolley of a station along with a EduTrainer® Universal.

A 4-pin cable (order no. 535245) is required for each station for connection. This cable is not included in the scope of delivery. The connected stations can be switched off via max. 6 emergency stop switches. These emergency stop switches are not included in the scope of delivery.

  • Inputs (emergency stop switch) 1 – 6
  • Outputs (stations) 1 – 10

Also order:

Connecting cable, 4-pin, for connecting an MPS® station (EduTrainer® Universal) to the emergency stop board (Order no. 535245).


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