Rotary/lifting module

Rotary/lifting module

The rotary/lifting module is a 2-axis handling unit for small lifting and swivelling tasks with a parallel gripper for transporting workpieces with a diameter/edge length of 40 mm (1.6‘‘). The gripping position and the rotation angle can be adjusted. The module is supplied fully assembled with valve slices and an electrical interface.

Technical data

  • Operating pressure: 600 kPa (6 bar)
  • Power supply: 24 V DC
  • 4 digital sensors
  • 3 digital actuators
  • Rotation angle, C-axis: 0–180°
  • Stroke length, Z-axis: 20 mm (0.8 in)
  • Swivel radius (axis center point to workpiece center point): 100 mm (4 in)
  • Rotary/lifting unit height-adjustable

Scope of delivery

  • Mini I/O terminal
  • Valve slices, 3x5/2-way monostable valve
  • Double-acting cylinder with guide
  • Swivel cylinder
  • 4 magnetic limit switches
  • Parallel gripper with gripper jaws
  • Mounting accessories for profile plate

Training content

  • Basic principles of pneumatics
  • Sensor technology: magnetic limit switches
  • Connecting tubing and wiring
  • Reading circuit diagrams
  • Learning about handling systems
  • Semi-rotary drive
  • Gripper technology