Innovative learning systems and solutions by the Solution Center – Customized solutions for specific customer needs

Innovative learning systems and solutions by the Solution Center – Customized solutions for specific customer needs

Ideal training for Industry 4.0
The Solution Center team offers several learning solutions that are wellintegrated into the Festo Didactic portfolio.

The solutions cover a wide range of topics, from entry-level mechatronics through Cyber Physical Systems, enabling students to develop the right skills and to acquire the knowledge relevant to Industry 4.0.

The learning solutions can integrate MPS PA stations or MPS stations, or even both, combined in a hybrid factory concept. As an introduction to the Cyber-Physical Factory, the CP Lab is also an important foundation in the Qualification for Industry 4.0. Other solutions tackle related subjects, including robotics, logistics, flexible manufacturing, and integrated systems.

Professional advice and support

Modular and future-proof
What characterizes the learning systems created by the Solution Center is their high practical relevance achieved through the use of real industrial components combined with the intuitive teaching of the educational content. The systems are modular, allowing for expansion and flexibility, making your investment future-proof with no dead-ends.

Experience and expertise
Drawing on 20 years of experience, the Solution Center team involves mechanical, software and electrical engineers, overlay sales, purchasing, and production, as well as delivery services and training. This multidisciplinary team works hard to make sure the development of the tailored solution goes smoothly and efficiently.

Context-specific solutions

Customized solutions are designed and produced according to the needs of teachers, trainers, and researchers. Solutions enhance training and increase the qualification of students and workers alike, whether in vocational schools, technical colleges, training centers, universities research organizations, or industrial companies.

The Festo Didactic Solution Center team provides innovative learning systems and solutions that fit customer-specific needs and requirements.

The team brings a very high level of technical education expertise in the fields of process automation, mechatronics, and factory automation, developing equipment and learning scenarios that faithfully replicate today’s industry.

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