Robot systems LabVolt Series

Robot systems LabVolt Series

Ideal platform for tackling industrial robotics

The robot system is a complete and affordable training program for the programming and operation of ­industrial robots. Through the curriculum and hands-on experience with the robot system, students learn to create automated work cells.

Precision-built robot

The articulated arm of the Robot ­represents an important step in ­automation and handling. A ­stepper ­motor, located in the base of the unit, provides horizontal rotation, while five additional stepper ­motors, located in the shoulder, provide ­precision movements of the articulations and end effector.

The robot has five axes of rotation plus a gripper and is able to use all joints simultaneously to perform a programmed move sequence. Each articulation can be controlled and moved independently. Movements of the joints are accomplished by belts through a series of gears, while the gripper mechanism is activated by cables and belt-driven pulleys.

The base of the unit includes one connector for an external stepper motor which can be used for further experimentation.

Control and simulation software

The software program RoboCIM 5150 uses 3D representations to simulate and control the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the equipment, allowing students to learn the fundamentals of robotics.

Teach pendant

The robot system is available with or without a teach pendant. The teach pendant is a hand-held terminal that can be used to control the ­robot ­instead of using a computer. It has a four-line, twenty-character LCD ­display for feedback to the operator. The programs created with the teach pendant can be uploaded from (or downloaded to) a computer through a USB connection.

Sturdy work surface

The robot system comes with a ­solid-metal, perforated work surface that can be put atop a regular work table or installed on one of the ­optional benches.

The robot and its optional external devices are equipped with location pins (or push-lock fasteners). These pins insert into the perforations of the metallic work surfaces. This easy-to-use mechanism ensures the accurate positioning of the equipment when repeating programs.

Topic coverage

  • Introduction and familiarization
  • Programming
  • Program editing and control
  • Industrial activity simulations

Main features

  • Training program that allows easy learning of robotics basics
  • Curriculum supported by a ­precision-built robot
  • Durable steel and aluminum ­construction requiring minimal maintenance
  • Color-coded I/O  connection ports for ease of set-up
  • Optional components for the ­creation of personalized work cells
  • Included: student manual, ­instructor guide, user guides, and all leads and cables required to ­operate the system


Note: This product is currently not fully compliant with EU directives.