Actuating, networking, operating, monitoring, optimizing – Controlling processes as in industry

Actuating, networking, operating, monitoring, optimizing – Controlling processes as in industry

Close to reality

In MPS® – as in real production plants – controllers are responsible for signal processing. The signals in the system can be transferred directly from the station to the controller via I/Os or various fieldbus systems or between controllers to support information exchange.

Market leading industrial standards

The MPS® is based on industrial standards. Automation solutions and trends from the market leaders are part of the MPS® concept.

  • Programmable logic controllers from the market leaders
  • Project planning and programming tools complying with IEC61131

The most commonly used fieldbuses: PROFINET, PROFIBUS, AS-Interface, Ethernet




Choice of PLC – optimized for training use
We can fit an EduTrainer®, providing a completely assembled and wired PLC rack, with the PLC of your choice and, if required, fieldbus components as well. The advantage of the EduTrainer® in the MPS® station is clear: you can remove the controller and use it for other processes or in laboratory furniture.



Reliable safety modules
Hardly any issue affects so many employees in a company as health and safety. Emergency stop, safety curtains, safety doors and failsafe control systems are all part of a system made up of MPS® stations.



Plug and run
The station, the control console and the EduTrainer® are all equipped with standardized SysLink interfaces. All you have to do is plug them in; there is no need to wire different connectors.



Hot topic – energy saving
On the trail of waste: identifying potential savings means first of all measuring current consumption. The Wattmeter acts as a smart meter for training systems with a 24 V DC power supply and a maximum of 120 Watts.

A switchable interface for 0 – 10 V DC or 4 – 20 mA is integrated for data transmission. Ethernet is available as an option.



Optimizing processes – Ensuring quality in production
Production defects or tolerance deviations identified too late or not at all often lead to expensive, consequential damage or recalls.

Optional modules in the MPS® are responsible for continuous quality inspection. Laser sensor and analog sensors measure the workpiece height. A signal converter can then digitize the analog signal.


From field to company level
All control technologies and systems used in industrial production can be integrated into the modular production system and the learning factories from Festo Didactic. This gives basic and advanced training a high level of practical relevance at all levels of the CIM pyramid.