CNC technology from EMCO – Efficient turning and milling

The training program

Festo Didactic integrates CNC training into its learning system to meet the requirements of modern basic and further training in the metals sector. CNC programming and machining, a key task in many metalworking companies, places high demands on students.

CNC technology from the market leader
Machine manufacturer EMCO offers a unique training concept consisting of high quality machines, modular software and supporting teachware.

EMCO is the leading machine manufacturer in CNC training. All machines are tailored to the specific requirements of a training situation: safety engineering compliant with CE directives, variety of controllers, available space and price. With the EMCO machines, a complete solution can be offered, from conventional systems right up to CNC machines.

EMCO CNC machines – By industry, for industry!
EMCO provides intelligent solutions for CNC turning and machining for the industrial sector. EMCO’s extensive product range includes everything from conventional turning and milling machines to CNC turning centers, right up to fully automatic production cells.

Perfect solutions for basic and further training
Expertise you’ll benefit from. EMCO machines for basic and further technical training are characterized by:

  • Design and quality that meet the current industry standards
  • Long service life and consistently high precision of parts produced
  • Scope and design of functionality like modern industrial machines

Changing controller? Not a problem.
Standard CNC machines are permanently linked to a CNC controller. If you need a different controller for training purposes, this almost always involves buying a new machine. But not with the PC-controlled turning and milling machines from EMCO: it is easy to change the control keyboard, load different software and start machining! This allows you to use all standard industrial controllers on a single machine.

Individual machine or CNC laboratory
The controller software is also available as an offline programming workstation. Combined with individually available controller keyboards, we will be happy to plan a complete CNC training laboratory for you, with different controllers such as SINUMERIK, Fanuc or HEIDENHAIN.

CAD/CAM and simulation
CAMConcept from EMCO is a CAD/CAM system for turning and milling applications with integrated 3D graphic simulation. Design simple parts with the integrated CAD functionality and create your CNC program without any controller-specific CNC knowledge.

The WinNC machine controller can optionally also be supplemented with 3D simulation. Win3D-View allows easy 3D simulation for turning and milling.

CNC turning and milling technology integrated in systems
Our realistic systems accurately reflect the complexity of modern vocational apprenticeships. We have years of experience in FMS/CIM, and offer solutions using state-of-the-art production technologies as well as the latest control technology. Also, thanks to the switchable control of the EMCO Concept CNC machines, they are always one step ahead when it comes to CNC technology.

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