CNC Lathe Training System – Heavy Duty

CNC Lathe Training System – Heavy Duty

The CNC Lathe – Heavy Duty ­uses two ball screws, each driven by a stepper motor, to move the cross slide that carries the cutting tool along the Z-axis (right and left) and X-axis (in and out) with ­maximal ­positional accuracy. The speed of each stepper motor can be programmed separately for feed rates up to 762 mm/min (30 in/min). A 746 W (1.0 hp) motor rotates the spindle and three-jaw chuck, and thus the stock, at speeds programmable up to 3400 r/min.

Main features

  • An optional 10-tool automatic tool changer is available
  • Capable of threading using an ­optical-encoder feedback loop
  • Batch mode for independent operation or operation in CIM cells
  • Software allowing the programming of up to 10 tools
  • 745 W (1 hp) constant-torque DC spindle motor
  • Quick-change tool post
  • Z-axis ball screw protected by a dust cover, facilitating maintenance

Note: This product is currently not fully compliant with EU directives.