CODESYS® provided by Festo

CODESYS® provided by Festo

The CODESYS® software for the CPX-CEC and CECC range of controllers and CDPX range of HMI panels allows standardized programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3, and is optimized for the configuration, programming, commissioning, and maintenance of pneumatic and electrical automation solutions.




Your advantages

  • The IEC 61131-3 standard ensures that CODESYS® is flexible and can be used a wide range of control tasks
  • Very simple to commission and program
  • Ethernet communication for simple programming, module library included
  • Module library for electric drives

The following functions and languages are supported

  • Ladder diagram
  • Structured text
  • Sequential function chart
  • Continuous function chart
  • Function block diagram
  • Integrated visualization
  • Trace functions
  • Offline simulation
  • All programming languages can be used in combination with one another
  • Simultaneous conversions possible
  • All standard data types: BYTE, WORD, DWORD, SINT, USINT, INT, UINT, DINT
  • Symbolic operands with no length restriction
  • Context-sensitive help functions
  • Global search and replace
  • Disc space check prior to download
  • Unlimited number of function parameters


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