Trainer package SIMATIC S7-1516F-3PN/DP

Trainer package SIMATIC S7-1516F-3PN/DP


  • CPU 1516F-3PN/DP, core assembly with 1.5 MB main memory for the program and 5 MB for data, 1st interface: ProfiNet IRT with 2 port switch, 2nd interface: Ethernet, 3rd interface: Profibus, 10 ns bit performance
  • SIMATIC PM 1507 24 V/8 A, regulated power supply for SIMATIC S7-1500, input: AC 120/230 V, output: DC 24 V/8 A
  • Digital input module DI 32 x DC 24 V, 32 channels in groups of 16, input delay 0.05 – 20 ms, input type 3 (ICE 61131), diagnostics, process alarms
  • Digital output module DQ 32 x DC 24 V/0.5 A; 32 channels in groups of 8, 4 A per group, diagnostics, replacement value
  • Analogue input module AI 8 x U/I/RTD/TC, 16 bit resolution, 8 channels in groups of 8
  • Analogue output module AQ 4 x U/I/ST, 16 bit resolution, 4 channels in groups of 4
  • SIMATIC S7-1500 profile rail 482 mm, including earthing screw, integrated DIN rail
  • 4 x front panel connectors, screw terminal technology, 40-pin, for 35 mm wide assemblies, including 4 jumper links and cable ties
  • Memory card 24 MB
  • CAT 6 Ethernet cable, length 6 m
  • Software SIMATIC STEP 7 TIA-Portal

For schools and educational institutes in the commercial sector.

The end customer must confirm a licence statement that the product will only be used for educational purposes. Festo makes the text available on a form. If the end customer does not submit this statement, or fails to do so in good time, Festo is not obliged to deliver these goods.

System requirements

  • Windows 7 (64-bit) Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate SP1
  • Windows 10 (64-bit) Professional/Enterprise 1703

Special licence rules apply for schools and educational institutes in the commercial sector.