EDS® Energy Lab – Outdoor system for renewable energy

EDS® Energy Lab – Outdoor system for renewable energy

The concept

Technicians and engineers with qualifications in the area of renewable energies and energy management are urgently needed, in both industry and the public sphere. Consequently, these topics are now firmly established in the curricula of many educational institutions.

Festo Didactic has an optimized solution for educational purposes: the EDS® Energy Lab.

Photovoltaic modules and wind power turbines generate real "green" electricity and transmit it to a robust, climate-controlled container. A battery system uses this to create a stand-alone electricity grid, which can supply internal and external power consumers.

Sensors are used to measure environmental conditions such as solar radiation, wind speed, and temperatures, as well as performance data, the generator, batteries, and power consumers.

All functions can be controlled, observed, and demonstrated in the container.

The configurable data collection system makes the measurement and operational data available via a webserver. Prepared views and interactive information pages offer a quick introduction to the different topics.

High-performance data input makes possible detailed data analysis – with and without SQL knowledge. End devices connected to the network with web browser are sufficient for access.

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Technical data

  • Nominal voltage 230 V or 120 V (230/400 V 3 AC*)
  • Photovoltaic nominal power: 2.8 kWp
  • Wind energy nominal power: 2.5 kW
  • Stand-alone grid inverter rated power: 2.3 kW (6.9 kW*)
  • Battery system nominal capacity: 13.4 kWh
  • Weight: approx. 6 t
  • Footprint: W 6.1 x D 2.5 m
  • Total dimensions: W 9.4 x T 7.1 x H 12.8 m


  • PLC: Siemens S7 1500
  • HMI: Siemens SIMATIC HMI TP900 Comfort
  • Server with RAID-1 drive, OPC UA data interface, ODBC-­data base, HTTP webserver
  • All-in-One touch PC

Connection options via customer cable:

  • External consumer (5 x 6 mm²)*
  • External power supply (5 x 6 mm²)*
  • External energy source (5 x 2.5 mm²)*
  • Network (twisted-pair cable)

* With extension set 400 V/3 AC

Teachware – Teaching materials for basic and advanced training

  • Energy Lab web application
  • Workbook

Training content


  • Components, security, ­circuit diagrams
  • Measurement technology, data acquisition, -storage, -input
  • Solar and wind energy offer
  • Daily and yearly flow duration curves
  • PV module characteristics
  • Wind energy performance curve
  • Inverter degree of efficiency
  • Yield prognosis
  • Service life

Overall system

  • Stand-alone grid control
  • Charging management, supply limitation
  • Load management with ­fluctuating generation
  • Internal consumption and self-sufficiency
  • Avoided emissions
  • System layout
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The benefits to you

  • Complete system with generators, batteries and power consumers
  • Fast on-site construction
  • Accessible, state-of-the-art industrial components
  • High-quality sensors
  • Open data interfaces and data base
  • No data preparation or synchronization necessary
  • Easy data access via ­web browser
  • Matching workbook included in scope
  • Optimal for follow-on projects, e.g. connection of electric vehicles or intelligent consumer scenarios

Reference: Trade School Göppingen

The EDS® Energy Lab is used during teaching across a variety of training types and subjects. The topics of power engineering, electric power technology and IT technology are in focus here. The generated electricity is used both ­internally and via an external ­line in the energy lab.