Logistics Kit

Logistics Kit

The Logistics Kit consists of an electric gripper, flat storage area with 2 rows, an inductive sensor and a set of workpieces.

The electric gripper is completely integrated in the Robotino platform, so that while it is moving, monitoring is not necessary for potential collisions with the gripper. The gripper detects workpieces between the gripper jaws by means of an integrated through-beam sensor. To pick up a workpiece from a bearing surface, a slide is integrated, which signalizes the optimal position for the gripping process to the Robotino. The gripper end positions are checked via the motor current evaluation.

The gripper function is available as a functional module in Robotino View (starting from Version 1.7).

Scope of delivery

  • Electric gripper
    Gripper stroke: 4 mm
    Maximum workpiece diameter: 40 mm
    Maximum workpiece weight: 300 g
    Gripping force: 140 N
    Closing/opening time: 2 s
    Operating voltage: 24 V DC
    Maximum current: 140 mA
  • Analog inductive sensor for mounting in the middle of the robot frame
  • Flat storage area with 2 rows and 3 storage places per row for cylinder-shaped workpieces with a maximum diameter of 40 mm.
  • Workpiece set
  • Aluminum adhesive tape for marking the access routes to the storage area, which the Robotino can align itself on for gripping the workpieces.