RFID module: workbook

RFID module: workbook

The workbook for the RFID module contains three project-based exercises. Work instructions and safety precautions, fundamental technical information on components and mode of operation of the RFID module and detailed help guides and circuit diagrams provide ideal preparation for industrial reality.

The workbook contains:

  • Sample solutions
  • Training notes
  • Multimedia CD-ROM with programs and item lists
  • Worksheets for the student

  • Authors: Theory section: Heike Greißl, Ramona Sachse, Frank Ebel, Dimitrios Tsakas Practical section: Dimitrios Tsakas, Ralph-Christoph Weber
  • Version 08/2018

The workbook teaches the following learning content, among others:

  • Introduction to the mode of operation of object detection using RFID
  • Getting to know the application fields of RFID technology
  • Gain experience in direct application of RFID technology