Training document – Process optimization

Training document – Process optimization

Covers the basics of

  • Analysis of existing systems
  • Project plan
  • Planning and optimization of automated systems
  • Value creation and wastage

The detailed project task includes seven subsidiary tasks based on the example of the MPS® Distribution, Inspection, Processing, Handling and Sorting stations. The project enables ­practical optimization of a production process, with material flow analysis, devising and appraising suggestions for improvement, procurement and production of components, programming and commissioning the optimised system.

Includes a CD-ROM with circuit diagrams, symbols, and sample programs for the Siemens PLC S7-300.

Implementation is illustrated for electronics engineers specializing in automation/operations engineering and for mechatronics engineers. It also includes links to the learning areas of the theoretical teaching in industrial mechanics. The training document supplements existing documentation on training with the Modular Production System.


M. Bellenberg, T. Mehwald, H. Regber, G. Schmidt
Edition 2006, 310 pages, in folder incl. CD-ROM.


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