Sensors for object detection: Workbook

Sensors for object detection: Workbook

Fifteen industrial projects, which are compatible with TP 1311, are specifically targeted at the topic of sensors for object detection, with each project including problem descriptions, parameters, and tasks. Particular emphasis is given to the configuration, function, and influence of material properties on behavior, application possibilities, and selection of a sensor based on application conditions. The content topics are covered by exercises that incorporate magnetic, inductive, optical, and capacitive proximity sensors. Each worksheet is accompanied by a sample solution.

The workbook includes:

  • Sample solutions
  • Training notes
  • For the Campus and Enterprise license types, a USB is supplied with the workbook. The entire workbook is included on this USB as a PDF file
  • Exercise sheets for trainees

F. Ebel
Edition 2009, 252 pages, in color, in folder.


Campus licence