Training documentation MPS Handling with industrial robots

Training documentation MPS Handling with industrial robots

This training documentation focuses on the use of industrial robots. The MPS Robot station with the robot handling module is used as the hardware example for the exercises. Seven project exercises that build on each other lead to successful processing of comparable industry scenarios via error-tolerant programming.

The MPS Robot Station is presented step-by-step in the first exercise, after which students rely on structured teaching methods to complete a series of exercises that build on each other.

  • Learning of the relevant theory
  • Preparation in CIROS (education) supported by customized working aids
  • Verification in CIROS (education)
  • Validation of the solutions on real hardware via transmission of the solution with CIROS Studio

The training documentation contains:

  • Sample solutions
  • Training notes
  • Worksheets for the student
  • Courseware on data storage media/download

Solution sheets are available to the trainer.

Training content

  • Integration of an industrial robot in an assembly process
  • Teaching of robots in complex assembly environments
  • Commissioning of complex systems
  • Maintenance, servicing and troubleshooting of complex systems
  • Programming of industrial robots combined with the integration of sensors and additional actuators
  • Programming of multitasking applications

U. Karras
Issue 2016, 266 pages, color, in folder


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