FluidSIM MecLab®

FluidSIM MecLab®


FluidSIM MecLab®, 8 licenses.
To update to the current version or expand the number of licenses.

Simulate and control with the Software FluidSIM MecLab®

FluidSIM MecLab® is a professional yet very simple software to use for developing and testing pneumatic and electric circuits as well as programmable controllers. With the universal EasyPort interface, FluidSIM MecLab® can also control the MecLab® stations directly.

Special features

FluidSIM MecLab® is oriented towards the requirements of MecLab® and younger target groups in general education. The range of functions and component libraries have been greatly simplified as compared to the full version. This makes using the software much easier. FluidSIM MecLab® uses the same software architecture as the current full version of FluidSIM and features state-of-the-art technology.

A quick and easy way to your goal

In the practical application, the students develop and simulate their circuits and controllers in the easy-to-understand software, which then controls the stations via a connection to the EasyPort. The information contained in FluidSIM MecLab® on all components as well as a number of informative animations make it easier to understand and enhance the learning experience. For the students, this results in a simple, comprehensible, and continuous interactive chain from the from schematic design and simulation to the controller.

Number and type of licenses and installation

8 licenses are supplied in the license package which can be used flexibly as a network license, a single-user license or a loaner license (with an adjustable expiry date). If more than 8 licenses are required, then multiple license packages can be administered together. A license ticket is delivered with installation instructions; the software itself is available for download.

System requirements

  • Windows 7/8/10
  • 32/64 bit (x86 or x64 architecture)
  • Dual core processor (recommended)
  • 4 GB (recommended)