From modules to systems – The right combination for successful learning

Conveyor module

The Conveyor module is intended for mounting on a profile plate, profile foot or slotted mounting plate with freely positionable DC motor. It is suitable for transporting and separating workpieces with a diameter of 40 mm (e.g. “Cylinder bodies” or “Cylinder for assembly” workpiece sets). The module is supplied fully assembled.
Pick&Place module

The Pick&Place module is a universal, 2-axis handling device for Pick&Place tasks. The position of the limit switches, as well as their mounting position and height, can be adjusted on this module. The module is supplied complete with a vacuum generator, pressure switch, vacuum filter and suction cup, valve terminal, pressure limiter and electrical interface. In another version, a parallel gripper is fitted instead of vacuum technology.

Pick&Place station

The Pick&Place station is equipped with a two-axis Pick&Place module and a Conveyor module. Optical diffuse sensors or light barriers detect the workpiece housing placed onto the conveyor. The conveyor transports the workpiece to the electric feed separator. The Pick&Place module picks up a workpiece insert from the slide and places it on the workpiece housing. The complete workpiece (housing and insert) is released by the feed separator and transported to the end of the conveyor.

Pick&Place station including trolley

Compact and mobile – the station is easy to mount on the trolley. Appropriate passages in the side walls and backwalls enable orderly routing of cables. The symmetrical design of the trolley means that there are mounting options on both sides for the control panel, the intermediate bottom and for drawers. A lifting column can be integrated in the center of the trolley to facilitate ergonomic work on the profile plate. There is space for the assembly board for the electrical connections and the PLC rack on both sides of the trolley. The profiles for DIN A4 mounting allow additional EduTrainer units to be used on the trolley. An optional attachable door protects the equipment inside.

MPS offers the right products for every requirement

No matter whether you require individual components to expand existing systems, a combination of several modules on one station or carriage or a complete system: the modular production system MPS with its many possible combinations allows the right system to be assembled for every teaching requirement.