CP Factory Deflector Basic Module

CP Factory Deflector Basic Module

The deflector basic module opens the doors to new layouts and can be used in the branch as a docking module for the mobile robot. Straight production lines, angled layouts (90°) or branches can be implemented quickly.

Technical data

  • Structure: steel sheet substructure, aluminum profiles
  • Doors: transparent, lockable
  • Dimensions:
    1200 x 800 x 900 mm
  • Electrical supply:
    400 V AC, 3-phase
  • Conveyor drives: 2x 24 V DC motors
  • Pneumatic supply: 6 bar
  • Touch panel: 1x TP700 Comfort
  • Controller: 1x S7-1512 SP
  • Application module: 1


Docking kit for the mobile robot D14018


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