MPS® commissioning service

MPS® commissioning service

To ensure that your training projects run smoothly right from the start, our service technicians offer:

1. Complete commissioning of your new system:

  • Mechanical and electrical connection of station, trolley, control console and PLC board
  • Adjustment of all electrical, pneumatic and mechanical components
  • Configuration of controllers and loading of programs

2. Instruction in:

  • Technical documentation and Mechatronics Assistant
  • Program structures
  • Lesson preparation using the Mechatronics Assistant

And if you wish ...

3. Useful tips on how to get the most from the MPS®:

  • Applications
  • Enhancements
  • Seminars

Commissioning packages

  • MPS® Start-Up Basic SP1: For MPS® stations, without Robot, Assembly, Hydraulics.  Order no. 539111
  • MPS® Start-Up Robotics SP2: For MPS® stations Robot, Assembly, Hydraulics. Order no. 540705
  • MPS® Start-Up Networking SP3: Profibus networking. Order no. 540706