CIROS – robotics applications

CIROS – robotics applications

What do you need?
Ideally, for a robotics laboratory, we recommend actual robot work cells, for example the MPS Robot station with optional equipment levels, along with CIROS Education and CIROS Studio as a virtual learning environment for simulating a wide range of applications in industrial robotics.

Generally, a CIROS Education license, available at the relevant workstations, is set up for all users training in the laboratory at the same time. A CIROS Studio license is also required for the connection of real controllers for robots from Mitsubishi Electric.

Industrial robotics for everyone
The more than 25 ready-made simulation models of robot work cells in CIROS Education are executable immediately after installation. The entry-level models, which represent simple Pick&Place tasks, are suitable for robot-programming beginners and provide users with a safe, hands-on environment for learning about the fundamentals of robotics.

The models from various other manufacturers include applications for industrial robots in the areas of dismantling, laboratory automation, packaging, and welding. Programming languages for each model can be set separately.

Quick commissioning
Anyone who uses an MPS Robot station in the laboratory will be able to find a suitable simulation model in CIROS Education. CIROS Education can be used to develop and optimize programs for the actual station, e.g., cycle time.

Ideally, the actual robot controller should be linked to the simulation and control computer via an Ethernet connection at the robot workstation. CIROS Studio uses that connection to the robot controller to transfer the program created using CIROS Education. The user then checks the robot positions in the actual station, adapts them if necessary, and runs the program, initially with the robot at controlled speed.

Individual expansion
All of the simulation models supplied provide a template for building a virtual learning environment with CIROS Studio. Even an existing robot work cell can be remodeled using the available robot libraries along with the CIROS Studio CAD import and modeling functions.