DC Motor Power Supply

DC Motor Power Supply

The DC Motor Power Supply is an A4 module that provides electrical supplies for electrical machines where DC power is required. It provides a fixed 210 V DC power source and a variable DC power source from 0 to 240 V. The variable DC power source voltage can be easily adjusted using the front panel knob and digital display. A second front-panel knob allows the current to be limited for certain applications.


  • Fully variable DC power source with current limiting setting
  • Protection against overload with reset push button on front panel
  • LEDs indicate the presence of output voltage on each output
  • Fuse-protected variable DC power source
  • Protective conductor connection, 4 mm² minimum diameter and clearly distinct from 4 mm² safety plug connections to prevent mix-up

Technical Data

  • Input voltage: 3 AC/400 V/50 Hz (all phases pass through the module from left to right but only L1 is used to provide power to the equipment)
  • Fixed DC voltage output: 210 V/8 A
  • Variable DC voltage output: 0 – 240 V/6 A protected against short circuit and overload
  • Peak current limiting on variable DC voltage output: 0 – 10 A
  • Designed for A4 mounting frames   
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 297 x 266 x 140 mm
  • Weight: 6.1 kg