Digitalization in pneumatics TP 260.v1: workbook

Digitalization in pneumatics TP 260.v1: workbook

The workbook contains 8 project exercises where the relevant tasks for digitalizing a process, efficient operation and predictive maintenance are performed step by step.

Getting to know the process and implementing it

  • Selecting the circuit diagram and understanding the program
  • Starting the process

Building up the communication network

  • Configuring the Wi-Fi access point
  • Establishing and checking network component communication

Determining and setting the process parameters for human-machine communication

  • Interpreting measurement signals
  • Defining the relevant process parameters

Providing information for deviations and errors

  • Specifying tolerances and limit values for process parameters
  • Using error symptoms to identify causes and deriving measures from these

Setting up push notifications

  • Setting up automatic system emails in the event of an error
  • Basic concepts of email technology

Operating, adjusting, and performing maintenance work on the system

  • Getting to know the working environment of a maintenance technician for digitalized systems
  • Working with web services
  • Preparing and analyzing a process data log

Getting to know the web service of the controller

The workbook contains:

  • Basic elements
  • Sample solutions
  • Training notes
  • Worksheets for students
  • Courseware on data storage media/download


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