Electric drives 2: eLearning course

Electric drives 2: eLearning course

The training program “Electric drives 2” further explores the material covered in “Electric drives 1” and also includes new topic areas.

This training program is suitable for beginners and advanced students. The first two chapters address the topic of controlling DC and AC motors. The third chapter focuses on the energy efficiency of electric drives, looking at economic and environmental aspects.

From the contents:

Controlling DC motors

  • Armature reaction
  • Speed control
  • Four-quadrant operation

Controlling AC motors

  • Motor characteristic curve
  • Open-loop and closed-loop speed control
  • Frequency converters
  • Smooth start-up

Energy efficiency

  • Economic aspects
  • Degree of efficiency
  • Minimizing losses
  • Reliability
  • Energy efficiency measures
  • Environmental aspects
  • Merits of electric motors

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