Energy measurement system

Energy measurement system

The energy measurement system with evaluation software is used for flexible and mobile energy measurement. The system is equipped with an energy measurement device for electrical energy and sensors for recording the pressure consumption.

The measurement devices are connected to a CECC controller. It concentrates the energy data and sends it to the energy database via OPC UA for filing and evaluation.

Technical data

  • Structure:
    EduTrainer® Universal A4 rack
  • Electrical power analyzer: PAC3200 with 1-phase measurement of current, voltage, active, reactive and apparent power
  • Volume flow sensor for compressed air: thermal measuring principle
  • Pressure sensor:
    Measurement range 0 – 10 bar, piezo-resistive measurement principle
  • Controller: Festo CECC-LK
  • Interfaces: USB, OPC UA, Modbus®, Ethernet TCP/IP

Training content

  • Recording, representing and analyzing power and energy measurements
  • Providing measurements via Modbus®/TCP and OPC UA
  • Determining the energy consumption per workpiece and process step

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