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Single source: Equipment for electrical engineering and electrical laboratory

The learning system for automation technology is now more comprehensive than ever before. With the basic principles of electrical engineering and electronics, from Ohm's Law through to the complex knowledge and applications involved in drive and control technology, the learning system now covers most of the topics included in forward-looking basic and advanced training courses in automation.

Rapid transfer
Whether in initial professional training or more advanced courses: It is essential to be able to recall what has been learned and apply it immediately. This is easier to do if the worlds of learning and work are as similar as possible. That is why the training packages for electrical engineering only contain industrial components, and the exercises in the course documents come from a typical, professional environment.

Maximum compatibility
Electrical engineering and electronics are fundamental components of automation. These training packages can therefore be used where mechatronics or bus technology are involved.

  • 4 mm safety sockets and SysLink guarantee "electrical compatibility"
  • A new standard coupling ensures that motors and driven elements are universally compatible
  • H-rails and housing dimensions allow components from other manufacturers to be used

Useful modularity
The training packages for electrical engineering training packages are expandable. For example, they begin with electrical protective measures and a domestic connection. Later, they add the starter kit for sub-distribution and the topic of building automation.

This modularity has a further benefit: each training device is smaller, more portable and can be housed in a cabinet more easily.

Safe connection technology
When it comes to dealing with electricity, safety and protective measures are a key focus. Of course, all of our electrical connections are fitted with safety sockets or plugs.

  • The plug-in modules of the equipment set for the basic principles of electrical engineering/electronics
  • Power supply units and power supplies
  • Back plates and EduTrainer®

Combination with self-study
Education in schools, companies or university cannot be successful without a willingness to do self-study. That is why the appropriate WBTs are available for all topics. Our range of digital training programs provides exciting learning scenarios and supplements the classroom-based parts of a course. The WBTs are particularly well suited for teaching the basic principles and thus provide the optimum supplement to practical experiments.

Well packaged and transported
Anyone who wants to design varied teaching and personal learning concepts requires flexible and modular training systems. That is why we have packaged most of the equipment sets into the practical and mobile Systainer. This makes storage and transportation easier and supports flexible working.

Winner of the iF product design award 2011:

Equipment set TP 1011
Basic principles of electrical engineering/electronics


Proven training concept

Festo Didactic's proven and continuously upgraded teachware concept also underpins the training packages for electrical engineering.

It is based on project-based exercises that increase in complexity from one exercise to the next. The knowledge learned is revisited, reinforced and consolidated in subsequent exercises.

Theoretical content can be illustrated and communicated more clearly with the help of the photos and videos on the enclosed multimedia CD-ROM to communicate it more clearly.

Teacher and student versions of documents are provided, with identical page numbering to make it easier to answer questions. Exercise sheets can simply be printed as required.

All projects include practical problems. Drawings, images and videos give a broad view of industrial reality.



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