Mechanical drives training system – Level 3

Mechanical drives training system – Level 3

Introduction to Shaft alignment and couplings, and Bearings and seals

A fundamental aspect of mechanical drives is the axial transmission of torque from a driving machine to a driven machine. This is achieved by joining the shafts of each machine through a device called the coupling. A key requirement of any coupling is the alignment of the shafts.

The topic “Shaft alignment and couplings” introduces those aspects and presents couplings and shaft alignment methods suitable for various operating conditions. An optional Laser alignment of shafts add-on is available.

The topic “Bearings and seals” deals with the inner components of a machine. Using real applications such as a gearbox, a pump and a wheel hub, students learn industry- proven methods for installing and removing bearings and seals in housings and on shafts. Essential concepts of bearings lubrication are also covered.

Level 3 requires the Workstation package.


Shaft alignment and couplings:

  • Shaft alignment: straight-edge and feeler gauge method, rim and face method, reverse dial indicator method, laser method (optional)
  • Flange couplings
  • Flexible sleeve couplings
  • Chain/gear/grid couplings
  • Universal joints

Bearings and seals:

  • Removal/installation of gaskets, and seals
  • Use of an arbor press and a hammer for installation/removal of bearings
  • Use of a splitter/puller
  • Installation of a bearing by heating the inner raceway
  • Removal/installation of shaft lock nuts, lock washers, and snap rings
  • Introduction to cleaning and lubrication of bearings