Рабочая станция

Рабочая станция

The workstation shall be equipped with six movable anodized T-slotted aluminum extrusions that are used as a structure to support components such as pillow block bearings, a motor, a motor mounting base, risers and a prony brake among others. A ruler, installed along the depth of the workstation, with markings for measuring distances in millimeters and inches, shall be installed on the right and left sides of the workstation to rapidly position and align the extrusions. Securing one extrusion in position shall require only two screws and one tool.

The workstation shall be protected with a cover made of UL94 V0 rated and impact-resistant polycarbonate panels. The opening and closing of this cover shall be assisted by two gas cylinders. Only one hand shall be required to open and close the cover. The cover shall remain in position when lifted to its maximum height.

The workstation shall be equipped with a SIL3 magnetically operated switch that detects when the cover is open. Opening the cover shall cut power to the variable frequency drive. An emergency stop shall be installed at the front-right corner of the workstation. The user shall need to perform a reset sequence in order to reenergize the variable frequency drive after the cover is opened or the emergency stop is pressed.

There shall be a mechanism to lock the cover to the frame of the workstation when closed to prevent access to the components installed inside. The main power switch shall allow the installation of a lockout/tag out safety device.

The control panel of the workstation shall be located at the right side of the workstation and include a main power switch, a white power on pilot light, and a safety reset button with a blue pilot light. A 0.37 kW Siemens Sinamics V20 variable frequency drive connected to a basic operator panel shall be included. The frequency set point of the drive shall be adjusted with a wheel on the basic operator panel. A selector switch with neutral, brake and clutch positions shall be included to allow the operation of a clutch/brake unit. The workstation shall be connected to a single phase power outlet.

A motor connector and a clutch/brake connector shall be available inside the area protected by the polycarbonate cover for connecting a motor and a clutch/brake unit.

The following components shall be delivered along with the workstation:

  • A 0.25 kW, 3-phase motor with a B5 size flange on an anodized aluminum mounting base.
  • An adjustable height motor mounting base that can be operated without the use of a tool.
  • A detachable power cord.
  • A user guide that explains safe handling and operation of the workstation.