The three pillars of FACT

The three pillars of FACT

The implementation of a FACT Centre consists of three pillars:


The FACT identity and design is based on Festo branding. To protect this brand for our mutual benefit, FACT Centres are required to comply with the finely tuned Festo Corporate Design (CD). Every aspect of this CD is result of decades of innovation and training. Potential customers and students instantly recognize it - seeing a world-class laboratory that conforms to Festo standards.


Our know-how transfer ensures that your trainers are fully competent to instruct either students or participants from the local industry using the FACT equipment and materials.

We also transfer marketing know-how, planning and executing the concept of the marketing training is a complete customized set of marketing tools.

You also have access to relevant ressources from our technology database and contact to other FACT Centres.


Drawing on four decades of experience in international training in Automation Technology and Process Control for the industry, Festo Didactic has developed the comprehensive Learning System for Technology and Automation.

The Learning System uses only industrial components and covers the entire  spectrum of Industrial Automation and Process Engineering.

Based on the needs of your local industry, together we select the ideal equipment mix to meet those requirements. Modularity guarantess your flexibility to adapt to changing needs.