MPS 400 Learning Factories

MPS 400 Learning Factories

Broad spectrum
The compact Industry 4.0 training factories of the MPS 400 series are training programs in basic skills and specialist knowledge in the area of automation technology and mechatronics. In addition, they offer a broad learning spectrum of cutting-edge Industry 4.0 technologies. As miniaturized production lines, they provide in-depth insight into intelligent networking of machines in the production environment, and their work processes.

Training approach
FactoryViews, a web-based software environment built around a didactic MES, forms the core of the digital network of these training factories. Modules such as an integrated online shop and system-specific apps integrate seamlessly into this software. Training programs supported by augmented reality (AR) and clear, pedagogical preparation of all content with extensive training documentation make MPS 400 training factories the ideal learning solution with a wide range of topics surrounding production.

Intuitive operation
Control and monitoring of the system is performed via a large touch screen and a keyboard. The core of the software environment is an educational web-based MES system, which can be expanded by adding further applications. The ergonomic design of the learning system ensures efficient and fatigue-free working and learning.

Siemens SMSCP
The MPS 400 series also fulfils the requirements of the Siemens SMSCP. With MPS 403-1 for SMSCP Level 1 and MPS 404-1 for SMSCP Level 2, we offer the core of a compact and cost-effective and cost-efficient learning solution. This can be supplemented with other SMSCP-relevant learning topics to fully cover the requirements of the SMSCP requirements in full.

MES with online shop

  • System configuration
  • Product configuration
  • Order entry and management
  • Order tracking
  • Order data storage
  • Role-based information

Digital product memory
All workpieces are equipped with RFID tags, giving them a digital product memory, which is read and individually described as part of the production process. The product memory allows for the highest level of customization in the production process, right down to batch size 1.

Basic principles of mobile robotics (MPS 4xx-x R)
The basic principles of mobile robotics are taught through the use of Robotino, especially in the production environment. Integrating the mobile robot into the training factory via QR codes makes it easy to approach this extensive subject area without the need for complex software configurations. Here, the mobile robot equipped with a gripper forms a bridge between two stations by transporting workpieces from one processing station to the next station as required.

Expansion options
By integrating additional MPS 400 system modules, the learning system can be expanded into a larger system network. This allows learning content to be expanded extensively and for more complex production processes to be mapped at the same time.

The learning system can be expanded with a variety of optional packages. This allows topics such as IT security in industrial environments, energy management in industrial systems, as well as machine safety and mobile robotics to be seamlessly integrated into the complete concept.

Training documentation
Customized training documentation as eLearning courses and PDF files ensure an optimum learning experience. The modular use of these materials, allows the learning path to remain flexible and expandable. This makes it possible to divide up wide-ranging and complex topics into small learning units that are easy for students to understand.

Digital learning support
The learning process is supported by augmented reality (AR) and QR codes. QR codes on the individual components of the learning system allows for rapid and targeted retrieval of relevant technical information.


  • In addition to the basics of mechatronics and automation technology, you also get quick, simple, and broad access to the most important Industry 4.0 topics.
  • The high degree of modularity ensures a clear and manageable learning path made up of modules from stations through to a software-controlled training factory.
  • The modular design allows you to make changes and extensions to the mechatronic system independently as part of project work.
  • Comprehensive training documentation breaks down complex topics into small steps and learning units, allowing teaching to be designed in a structured yet flexible manner.
  • The didactic software environment surrounding an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) specially developed for didactic use provides easy access to complex software topics in the factory automation environment.
  • The learning process is supported by modern media such as QR codes and AR for provision of information as well as interaction with the learning system based on augmented reality.

Technical data

  • Operating pressure: 600 kPa (6 bar)
  • Power supply: 110/230 V / 50/60 Hz
  • Square/round workpiece dimensions: max. 40 mm