CP Lab 406-1, with six application modules

CP Lab 406-1, with six application modules

How the system works

The CP Lab 406-1 system represents a networked production system consisting of six pallet transfer systems with different application modules.

Prerequisites for creating the following process sequence after linking and starting a batch size 1 routing:

  • The magazine module provides a housing shell.
  • The quality data collection is performed using the measuring module's analog distance sensors.
  • The drilling module performs an order-based, simulated drilling operation on the front shell.
  • As an additional assembly step, the rear shell is placed using the magazine module.
  • The press module finalizes the product through the pressing process.
  • The output module performs the process end: workpiece output.

Magazine application module
RFID, Process start

Analog measuring application module
QS, SPC, Analytics

Drilling application module
CPS, Production parameters, Variants

Output application module
Parameter processing, Flexible handling, Logistics

Magazine application module
Rear shell placement

Press application module
Press parameters, Joining, Assembly

Technical data

  • Operating pressure: 600 kPa (6 bar)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): approx. 2500 x 1800 x 1800 mm

Training content

  • CP Lab design and layout:
    – Sensors/actuators
    – Process modules
    – Conveyor belt
    – Network
    – Process and operations management level
  • Recording information using intelligent sensors
  • Control using PLC
  • Communication based on bus technologies
  • Binary pallet identification
  • RFID identification
  • Flexible production, one-off orders
  • Quality management and SPC
  • Plug & produce: quick integration of new application modules using cyber-physical systems

MES training content

  • Define and edit order workflows and process plans
  • Read orders and update status
  • Sort order lines
  • Write goods carrier allocations to the order
  • Create a material master, incl. workpiece graphics
  • Add machines, incl. power consumption
  • Add warehouse data and material buffers
  • Add and manage customer data
  • Define system layouts with icons
  • Generate OEE, SPC and malfunction reports, incl. graphics

Included software

  • 1x MES4 for CP Lab with 6 network licenses, incl. 1x PC with TFT monitor.
  • 1x CIROS Studio with six network licenses Educational, the professional working tool for creating simulation models.
  • 1x CP Lab model library for CIROS


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