Equipment set TP 1144: High-power LEDs

Equipment set TP 1144: High-power LEDs

The most modern and energy efficient way of lighting.

The high-power LED equipment set provides an introduction to high-power LEDs. It is possible to connect the lamps with LED driver for operation in photometric and energy investigations.

An 8-piece cable set for 2 mm connections and measurements is included with the equipment set.

Training content

  • Method of operation of LEDs
  • Industrial energy efficiency of LEDs
  • Dimming LEDs
  • Light and light temperature
  • Taught using practical project exercises


  • Complete function range
  • Easy, fast and reliable setup
  • Work book with theoretical part and project tasks


  • Front panel with multicolored, scratch-resistant front print
  • Graphics with division into didactic function blocks
  • Rear hood for use in A4 frame or as upright table unit
  • All connections are equipped with 4 mm or 2 mm safety sockets
  • Removable adapter for PE conductor plug-in system which cannot be swapped over