Extension component set for installation and relay technology TP 1022

Extension component set for installation and relay technology TP 1022

The extension component set with electrical installation and relay technology extends the TP 1011 and TP 1011-M equipment sets, basics of electrical engineering/electronics.

The plug-in components (including TP 1011 or TP 1011-M) are used for introducing students to electrical installation and industrial control technology. Students work with practical learning scenarios in realistic projects. This includes planning, constructing and testing a variety of basic circuits.

The extension component set consists of plug-in components on a storage panel. The plug-in components fit on the EduTrainer patch panel in a 19 mm grid. Symbols and electrical values are printed on the top of each plug-in component. In the event of malfunctions, the plug-in components can be easily opened and repaired.

Product features

  • Connectors for 4 mm safety plug on the top of the components
  • 4 mm safety plugs for all connections
  • Ergonomically shaped, two-piece plastic housing
  • Components that can plugged on top of each other with measurement connectors on the top
  • 19 mm plug-in grid
  • Delivered on a stable storage panel with labeling to enable clear allocation

Components included

  • 2x relay, NO/NC
  • Relay, NO/NO
  • 2x toggle switch
  • Crossover switch
  • 2x pushbutton, two-pin, NO/NC
  • 2x pushbutton, single-pin, NO
  • Pushbutton, single pin, NC
  • 2x lamp, 12 V/3 W
  • Fuse, 1 A

Training content

  • Basic circuits for electrical installation (switching-off, series connection, two-way connection, cross connection)
  • Control circuits for relay technology