Analog technology extension component set TP 1024

Analog technology extension component set TP 1024

The analog technology set of components extends the equipment sets TP 1011 and TP 1011-M, basics of electrical engineering / electronics, by analog technology components. It provides information on the structure, function, and behavior of operational amplifiers and their application in different circuits.

The students set up complete, fully functional circuits by means of an EduTrainer patch panel and the components from TP 1011 or TP 1011-M. This enables the students to acquire the skills required to recognize the properties and characteristics of operational amplifiers and use them in analog circuits.

Symbols and component values are printed on the top of the components. The housing of the set of components can be opened to renew the components in the event of a malfunction. The components are installed on a patch panel with a 19 mm grid.


  • Connectors for 4 mm safety plug on the top of the components
  • All connectors in 4 mm safety design
  • Ergonomically shaped, two-piece plastic housing
  • Components that can plugged on top of each other with measurement connectors on the top
  • 19 mm plug-in grid
  • Delivery on a stable storage panel with labeling to enable clear allocation

Training content

  • No load difference
  • Output limits of the output voltage
  • Use of the output current limiter of an OPA
  • Limits of the usable input voltage common mode range
  • Mode of operation of a warning for low operating voltage
  • Mode of operation of a twilight switch
  • Principle of a timer with RC element
  • Structure and function of a window comparator
  • Measurement of the slew rate of an operational amplifier
  • Mode of operation and application of pulse-width modulation

Components included:

  • 2x operational amplifier
  • 2x 2 mm safety laboratory cables, 300 mm, red
  • 2x 2 mm safety laboratory cables, 300 mm, blue

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The workbook contains:

  • Sample solutions
  • Training notes
  • Data storage medium with PDF files
  • Worksheets for the students

The worksheets support the students in the information and planning phase as well as in the execution, monitoring and documentation of the exercises.



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