Electrical Pitch Hub – Wind Turbine Learning System: Training Course Documents

Electrical Pitch Hub – Wind Turbine Learning System: Training Course Documents

Pitch control is an important element of the overall wind turbine system. Pitch control systems improve the efficiency of the wind turbine by optimizing wind utilization. Pitch systems also stabilize rotational speed, which is important to uniform power generation and synchronize it with the power grid. Pitch control protects the system by preventing turbine overspeed and reducing forces on the rotor during servicing or system idle. A pitch control system is not a single component; but a combination of components that monitor and manipulate blade angles to achieve the desired result.

You will receive a printed version of the student manual and instructor guide workbooks with a multimedia CD-ROM in the language of your choice. The multimedia CD-ROM contains all files in PDF format. It includes exercises, solutions and worksheets, datasheets, electrical schematics and a user’s guide plus additional media.

The license allows you to save these files on your PC, edit them as you wish and print them out.

Please note: the imperial version contains imperial units of measurement.

Student manual
The training course documents feature a student manual that contains theory and exercises to be performed with the Electrical Pitch Hub – Wind Turbine Learning System. It presents all the required theoretical concepts, providing complete coverage of the fundamentals of wind turbine operation, reinforced by illustrated, detailed exercises covering the following topics:  

  • Introduction to Energy Production with Wind Power
  • Machine Safety
  • Introduction to SCADA
  • Rotor
  • Electrical Pitch Control Operation
  • Electrical System
  • Back-up Power
  • Troubleshooting

Instructor guide
The instructor guide contains all the elements included in the student manual, as well as the answers to all the questions, measurement results, graphs, explanations, suggestions and, in some cases, instructions to help guide the students through their learning process. All the information that applies to instructors is placed between markers and appears in red.

Campus license
The standard option for institutional use. This type of license is intended for users who wish to use the training course documents at a single location. The campus license includes a printed version of the student manual and of the instructor guide, as well as a CD-ROM containing the corresponding PDF files, the safety instructions, and electrical drawing sets.


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