Swing – flexible solutions, configuration examples

Swing – flexible solutions, configuration examples

Swing – mobile dual work station

Particularly flexible and versatile.

The mobile dual work station Swing (W 1250 x D 800 x H 1850 mm) is perfectly suited for presenting the introductory seminar on installation technology and EIB, as well as for conducting all other tests which require you to stand.

The rollable basic frame can be individually equipped with or without:

  • Storage area
  • Floor cabinet
  • Perforated sheets
  • Aluminium profile plate
  • A4 mounting frame: 1-, 2- or 3-row
  • Monitor bracket
  • PC bracket
  • Cable receptacle
  • Socket strip

Further available options include power ducts with integrated transformers, power supply units or PC interfaces.

The dimensions (H x W x D) can be customised on request.

It is even possible to purchase a compatible "garage". The trolley can be easily stored in the designated space in the wall cabinet. Close the door and the laboratory has been tidied away.


Swing – demo trolley

Custom design your ideal demonstration trolley.

You can choose from the following furniture modules:

  • Floor cabinets
  • PC bracket
  • Monitor bracket
  • A4 mounting frames
  • Cable holder
  • Top cabinets incorporating the entire width of our 19" modules

The grooved mats enable clean and easy storage of the A4 plates in the floor cabinets. The single, double or triple row A4 mounting frame, positioned above the worktop, provides sufficient space for using the plates.

A convenient and reliable solution for PC storage can be found in the floor cabinet equipped with ventilation grid and cable openings. Heavy duty extensions for motors can be integrated behind the revolving doors.

A top cabinet or power ducts can be placed on the working surface (1360 x 675 mm) on request.

In terms of the demo trolley's dimensions, we will happily take individual requirements into consideration. Nothing stands in the way of the perfect solution!


Swing – swivel table

Would you like to make the most of the laboratory's size?

No problem. The Swing swivel table is an electric workstation and lesson table in one. The same workstation can be used to conduct electrotechnical tests in the morning and give theoretical lessons in the afternoon. At the press of a button, the superstructure is lowered out of sight in a matter of seconds. This provides immediate access to the entire working surface. And all of the equipment is protected.

All equipment, PC interfaces and power supplies can be integrated in the superstructure.

The tables are available in all standard sizes.


  • 1200 mm
  • 1600 mm
  • 1800 mm
  • 2000 mm


  • 800 mm
  • 900 mm
  • 1000 mm

The manufacture of custom size tables is always possible.


Swing – lifting platform

The right solution for every purpose.

The Swing lifting platform always consists of the lifting unit and a table of your choice, which is positioned in front of the lifting unit. In this case, it really is possible to store everything away. The professional double stroke technology even allows extremely heavy top cabinets to completely disappear below the worktop. From device technology and power supply equipment, through to monitors or laptops and even A4 mounting frames. Anything is possible!

To list a few examples, you can choose from:

  • Fixed voltages
  • Controllable power supply units
  • Controllable transformers
  • USB interfaces
  • Sub-D sockets
  • Ethernet sockets
  • Compressed air couplings
  • Plug sockets
  • Safety sockets
  • Soldering stations
  • Test equipment

Power transformers or high-tension test devices also fit in the six available vertical height units (6 HU).

The height of the electrically-driven top cabinet is infinitely adjustable. Only the equipment required at any one time is visible, while the rest is protected.

Safety is the highest priority. When lowering the top cabinet, fingers are protected from injury by the folding anti-pinch guard.