The FACET® manual base unit

The FACET® manual base unit

The Manual Base Unit contains a total of 32 Circuit Modification (CM) and fault switches. Students manually select CM switches as the course progresses, while the protected fault switches are reserved for ­Instructor use by means of an integrated, locking-cover assembly.

The FACET® base units provide voltage supply with protection and conditioning circuitry to run each FACET® board.

Specific features of all FACET® base units include:

  • Distributed +15 and -15 V DC, and variable ±10 V DC power to the various circuit training boards. Coarse and fine controls are provided to adjust the variable DC supplies.
  • Self-protection against short circuit, reverse voltage, and overcurrent conditions.
  • Long-life ZIF connector, with a ­rotary knob that locks the training board into the base unit. The ZIF connector itself is protected from damage by built-in stops.
  • The fingers on the connectors are gold-plated for added durability.
  • Included is an accessory kit containing terminal posts, connectors, adapters, and patch cords required to perform experiments on the ­FACET® training board.


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