Tec2Screen® with iPad®

Tec2Screen® with iPad®


Tec2Screen® – the unique mobile learning tool for interactive learning in the lab. Using the patented Connect interface, users explore the connection between the real world and the virtual world. Signal flow is completely transparent and easy to follow.




All-in-one device – one device for everything

With Tec2Screen® ...

  • Experience all the important technologies of basic and further training
  • Learn various training content, such as measuring, controlling, simulating, etc...
  • Learn digitally at any location – in the teaching lab, on the go, at home, etc ...
  • Present grey theory in an exciting multimedia format
  • Get started right away with the pre-installed Tec2Screen® app
  • Get to know and appreciate the Connected Learning interactive learning concept

Set containing Apple iPad®, Base, eight Connects, and power supply in a systainer®:

  • 4x Digital I/O Connect
  • 1x Analog In Connect
  • 1x Analog Out Connect
  • 2x Power Connect

Tec2Screen® Base
For holding the Apple iPad® and Connect plug-in interface modules.

Technical data:

  • Sturdy plastic housing with built-in brackets for portrait and landscape format
  • 10 slots for Connects and built-in rechargeable battery
  • Lightning connector for connecting an Apple iPad®
  • External power from a 24 V/3 A power supply with round plug (also possible with 4 mm safety socket)
  • Apple iPad® can be locked to prevent removal (Kensington lock)
  • Can be screwed onto a standard monitor bracket (VESA 75 x 75 mm)
  • Charging function for Apple iPad®
  • Compatible with Apple iPad® 4, iPad Air®, iPad Air® 2, and iPad Pro® (9.7" model)

Tec2Screen® Base and Connects
A Connect is a plug-in interface module with patented interface for Tec2Screen®. Connects join simulated lines with real lines.

Unique: The signal flow is easy to follow at every step.

Note: Tec2Screen® and Tec2Screen® Base require a country-specific small appliance power cable. Small appliance power cable

Required accessories, also order: