Order-based production with MPS®

Order-based production with MPS®

In the MPS® systems red black and silver bodies are processed and assembled to single-acting cylinders. The color is left to chance. The production of different types to order is however daily routine in industrial production. For this reason we have developed new complete solutions for the integration of new training content. Or we upgrade your existing Release C MPS® stations.

What’s new?

WinCC monitoring and control system and PROFINet:

We use the WinCC monitoring and control system for order placement and tracking. As WinCC has to access all stations, they are all networked. The new standard PROFINet is used for this. PROFINet is the new, open Ethernet-based communication standard of the PROFIBUS user organization and the holistic approach to the application of Industrial Ethernet in automation.

New components:

The stack magazine is supplemented by a 3-fold magazine. This allows the bodies to be sorted by color in the first station. A changed sensor holder also allows "bad parts" such as a rotated body to be passed into the process. These are detected and ejected in the downstream stations.

The individual orders are sorted onto the slides at the Sorting station.

The example system shown comprises:

  • MPS® Distributing station, supplemented by a 3-fold magazine and the sensor holder for bad parts
  • MPS® Testing station
  • Conveyor belt as 90° elbow
  • MPS® Processing station
  • MPS® Handling station with program extension for rejection of bad parts
  • Conveyor belt as 90° elbow
  • MPS® Robot station with RV-2AJ, with program extension for measuring height of
  • workpieces
  • MPS® Assembly station, glass safety enclosure for Robot and Assembly station
  • MPS® Sorting station with additional indicator lamp
  • Control of MPS® stations via SIMATIC S7-313C-2DP
  • PC with WinAC, PROFINet and WinCC, including application

The example system shows which additional elements are integrated.

Further configurations are possible. Call us – we’ll gladly make you an offer tailored to your needs.