MPS® 512-FMS – Get started right away with a complete and customised package

MPS® 512-FMS – Get started right away with a complete and customised package

It is becoming more and more common for specialists and engineers to be responsible for operation and maintenance of complex automated production systems. This requires the seamless interaction of all the technologies involved.

MPS® 500-FMS forms the basis for general technological training using practical problems from actual operational applications. 

It provides the perfect platform for analysing, understanding and mastering the interaction of mechanics, pneumatics, electrical engineering, control technology and communication interfaces – all absolutely critical for proper and successful management of networked systems.

MPS® 512-FMS is a complete package comprising hardware and software that can be used straight from the box. The system comprises 7 stations:

Incoming goods 
Distributing and Testing station
Handling and Processing station
Outgoing goods
Handling and sorting station
Transport system station

The system can be flexibly expanded using the optional packages.

MPS® 512 FMS range of packages
Consisting of:


  • 1x pallet transport system FMF-F
  • 1x Distributing station
  • 1x Testing station
  • 2x Handling station
  • 1x Processing station
  • 1x Sorting station

Software and media

  • Programming package STEP 7 Trainer package
  • CIROS®
  • Mechatronics Assistant with 12 licences

Commissioning and initial training in Germany

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