AFB filling station

AFB filling station

The filling station includes a large number of functions typical to the food industry: Bottle feed by conveyor, dosing with a dosing cylinder and filling and capping on a rotary indexing table.
The station can be operated both as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with other stations.

In stand-alone operation the caps must be fed manually. When operated in conjunction with other stations, the caps can be fed by way of a handling station (MPS®). Filled and capped bottles are forwarded by conveyor to the next station (order compilation).

The liquid being filled is stored in a tank on the station. The tank can be filled manually or way of additional process stations (e.g. MPS® PA). 

The station is controlled by a EduTrainer® Universal unit and operator control is via touch panel. Individual step and continuous cycle options are available. Status and messages are indicated graphically on the panel.

Special training aims

  • Set-up, wiring and commissioning of an automated station
  • Use of pneumatic linear units with variable stroke
  • Use of pneumatic linear swivel units
  • Controlling and monitoring material flow on a conveyor and a rotary indexing table
  • Dosing and filling
  • Process operation and monitoring