Frameline profile plate 700 x 700 mm, removable

Frameline profile plate 700 x 700 mm, removable

Aluminum profile plate, removable, anodized

  • Slots on front and back so plate can be used on both sides if possible. Slots in grid dimension 50 mm for fastening of Quick-Fix components
  • Suspension (metal rod with insertable adapter) for profile plate. The profile plate can therefore be used both diagonally and vertically. Used diagonally the plate is placed on the table/mobile container. Used vertically the profile plate is supported at the bottom by a pivotable support on the mobile learning system mount
  • Removable plate
  • Including six rubber feet, two of which are intended for placement at a slant, while the other four ensure that the profile plate can also be placed flat on the table

Profile plates can be stowed in the Frameline mobile container if required.

Dimensions (W x H): 700 x 700 mm

Only for the Learnline-Sytem.