Frameline: Mobile and flexible

Frameline: Mobile and flexible

The mobile solution
With the mobile workstation system, Frameline combines the Requirements of a highly flexible lab or classroom arrangement with multi- purpose setup possibilities, such as electrical engineering and pneumatics trainings on the same furniture.

As the legs are positioned at an angle to one another, the models can be set up back-to-back or parked one in front of the other in order to save space. This ensures that space is used as effectively as possible.

Components with a range of different designs can be accommodated – whether they’re an ER unit, a DIN A4 frame, or a profile plate. A mounting frame is available to suit all inserts.

Moving tables
Frameline side tables provide a convenient and secure space for setting up devices and experiment materials. They provide extensive table space and ample leg room. Thanks to their sturdy, high-quality construction, the tables are guaranteed to be suitable for even strict requirements. They are also available with a fold-out table top for space-saving storage.

Safe storage
In keeping with the overall concept of flexibility, Frameline mobile containers provide storage furniture and a standing workstation all rolled into one.

Verschiedene Modellvarianten ­bieten vielfältige Möglichkeiten, Unterrichtsmaterial und Zubehör gewissen­haft und sinnvoll zu verstauen. So bringt der Rollwagen Struktur in die Organisation und spart Zeit.