Flexible room concepts – innovative workbenches

Flexible room concepts – innovative workbenches

Equipping of learning rooms according to individual requirements

Flexible use of space
We will present you with an individual concept based on the spatial conditions and specific requirements of the location. In doing so, we will focus on cost-effective and optimal use of space, as well as multi-functional equipment. Training in the areas of electrical engineering, pneumatics, or mechatronics, as well as theoretical training or lectures, can take place in the same room. Using the ceiling system, industrial connectors, and universally mobile equipment, the room layout can be adapted in just a few minutes.

Efficient and versatile use of rooms saves space and cost.

Planning and consulting

We offer a special service in which our experts design your equipment setup for you. With your input, we develop an individual concept based on the spatial conditions and specific requirements of the location.

In doing so, we focus on cost-effective and optimized use of space as well as multi-functional equipment. During the consultation you will benefit from our years of experience in the education and training market, and from installing various training centers, complete workshops, and labs.

We take into account the latest safety requirements and guarantee a long service life thanks to our high quality standards. Working closely with architects and planners ensures that every stage of the project runs smoothly.

Main components of room concept

Both workbenches and equipment can be stored neatly and compactly in intelligent storage systems in the same room or in an adjoining room; an advantageous flexibility provided by our overall concept.

Workstation system
The mobile supports for the learning systems enable a high degree of flexibility with virtually unlimited options. The workbenches can be optimally adapted to any teaching situation, quickly and simply. This refitting option enables highly efficient space utilization, and therefore, the greatest possible cost efficiency and safety.

Power supply
The flexible ceiling system is a ­holistic concept for multi-functional rooms, which enables hands-on and theoretical teaching with appropriate utility supplies. With energy, compressed air, and a data connection directly at the learning location, the ceiling system is ideal for basic and specialized technical training.

Multi-functional teaching rooms

  • Individual
  • Flexible
  • Cost-efficient

Our room concept offers individual options for your learning environment equipment. Mobile workbenches and ceiling-retractable utility supplies that you can fold back up into the ceiling ensure flexible and cost-efficient utilization of rooms.