Touch Panel KTP700 EduTrainer®

Touch Panel KTP700 EduTrainer®

Training device for an A4 mounting frame or as a desktop device. The communication connections for 1 x PROFINET and 1 x USB are accessible at the front via robust plug connectors.

The KTP700 Basic PN Touch Panel is a 7" touch panel with 8 additional, programmable, tactile function buttons and is part of the new basic Siemens HMI series for simple applications.

Features of the basic panel:

  • Touch and button functionality
  • Interface for connecting to various PLCs
  • Archiving via USB stick
  • Programming as of WinCC Basic V13 (TIA portal)

Scope of delivery

  • Siemens KTP700 Basic PN Touch Panel set up on an A4 board
  • Siemens Ethernet Switch Scalance XB005 (not set up on an A4 board for educational purposes)
  • 2 Ethernet cables (CAT 6, crossed, 6 m)
  • Programming software not included. It is included in the recommended accessories for the part numbers or must be ordered separately.

For schools and educational institutes in the commercial sector.

This package does not include any programming software. The programming software is included in Trainer Package SIMATIC S7-1200 DC/DC/DC or the EduTrainers with SIMATIC S7-1200, which are mentioned in the recommended accessories, or can be ordered separately.

System requirements

  • Windows 7 (64-bit) Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate SP1
  • Windows 10 (64-bit) Professional/Enterprise 1703

Technical data

  • Front panel: 266 x 297 mm
  • Device depth: 90 mm
  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC

Available as a package: Touch Panel KTP700 EduTrainer + Ethernet switch XB005 EduTrainer

1 x Touch Panel KTP700 EduTrainer + 1 x Ethernet switch XB005 EduTrainer (order no. 8062740)
6 x Touch Panel KTP700 EduTrainer + 6 x Ethernet switch XB005 EduTrainer (order no. 8062741)