Implementing your own applications with Robotino

Implementing your own applications with Robotino

With Robotino, you can implement your own applications in the fields of mobile robotics and service robotics. The mounting tower allows you to attach standard components or extensions developed by you to Robotino at any height and to connect them to the control system via the provided interfaces. This means you can convert Robotino quickly and easily from a forklift truck to a service robot, for example.


A flexible and adaptable design

Remove covers (1)

Fasten mounting column (2)

Fix mounting platform at any level (3)

Connect, align and mount laser scanner and camera (4)

Attach platform with electric gripper and connect gripper (5)

Connect and fasten signal column (6)


Carry out relevant research and measure yourself against the world's elite researchers – in the RoboCup Industrial Logistics League, researchers from around the world test what production logistics 4.0 can offer. In a smart factory, you carry out research into concepts and solutions for the challenges of the automated guided vehicle system of the future and perform tasks with a large number of variants. The multi-stage production process can be planned using up to three Robotinos per team with a free choice of sensors, and handling and software approach to fulfil the MES tasks. Every year, fascinating new challenges are created to ensure a demanding competitive atmosphere for everyone from beginners in robotics-related areas, right up to doctoral candidates and professors.