EduTrainer® Compact: Integration into the workstation systems Learnline and Learntop

EduTrainer® Compact: Integration into the workstation systems Learnline and Learntop

The EduTrainer® Compact fits in the ER mounting frame of many laboratory systems, but can also be used as a tabletop device or be mounted on a slotted profile plate. The sensors and actuators are connected to the inputs/outputs of the PLC via 4 mm safety sockets. The inputs can be simulated with switches and potentiometers. With the universal I/O interface socket SysLink – the connection to all equipment sets from Festo Didactic.



In order to simplify selection, we have put together some preferred variants for your convenience, which are equipped with the most common components (see table). If you require individualised solutions which go beyond the preferred variants, you can put them together with the help of our online configurator.

Preferred variants


without analogue processing

with analogue processing

with AS-Interface and Profibus-DP

EduTrainer® S7-313C-2DP
(Order no. 573888)


with Profibus-DP


EduTrainer® S7-313C-2DP
(Order no. 573881)

EduTrainer® CECC-LK
(Order no. 577602)

EduTrainer® CECC-D
(Order no. 8024002)

EduTrainer® S7-313C-2DP-A
(Order no. 573882)

EduTrainer® S7-314C-2DP
(Order no. 573883)

EduTrainer® S7-314C-2PN/DP
(Order no. 576626)

without bus

EduTrainer® S7-312C size 2
(Order no. 573885)

EduTrainer® S7-313C size 1
(Order no. 573880)

EduTrainer® LOGO! 8
(Order no. 8041132)

EduTrainer® S7-313C
(Order no. 573887)

EduTrainer® S7-313C-A
(Order no. 573886)

EduTrainer® S7-1214C
(Order no. 573891, bundle of 6)

EduTrainer® S7-1214C SysLink
(Order no. 573892, bundel of 6)

EduTrainer® S7-1214C
(Order no. 573901)

EduTrainer® S7-1214C SysLink
(Order no. 573902)


First-choice partner: Siemens – Festo


Benefit from the cooperation of two market leaders.

Siemens control systems and software are standard in all equipment sets of Festo Didactic. As a first-choice partner of "Siemens Automation Cooperates with Education"  (SCE), Festo Didactic offers customised solutions for research, development and training facilities worldwide.

The SIMATIC S7-300 is a modular PLC system from Siemens for industrial use. The PLC has been integrated in the didactic environment of the Festo Didactic ER format and thus suits perfectly for the use in education and training.


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